Emporia Natural Resource Advisory Board

The Emporia City Commission established the Recycling Advisory Board in 1990 and mandated that the Board "improve public information on recycling." The Board originally consisted of four members named by the City Commission and one named by the Lyon County Commission. As the Board broadened its educational mandate, additional persons were drawn in. Currently working with the Board is the director of the Flint Hills Resource Conservation and Development Council, a representative of the Cooperative Extension Service and the Supervisor of the Emporia Sanitation Division

In 2005 the Recycling Advisory Board was blended into the new Natural Resources Advisory Board. Membership includes appointees from Chase and Lyon Counties and the city of Emporia to include no less than eight nor more than twelve members. In addition to speaking to school groups and to service organizations, members of the Board have taken on a number of projects.

The Natural Resources Advisory Board improves public information about Recycling, Arbor Day, and Effects of Storm Water Pollution. An educational commercial has been produced and airs on local access channels.

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